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Red Velvet Cup Cakes with Home Made Buttermilk – Attempt #2

So we had our home made whole buttermilk and so we set out once again to make the perfect Red Velvet Cup Cakes. But to save you the suspense, we failed.

We did everything RIGHT!

We measured everything like he said. We even had Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder and Whole Buttermilk.

But they flopped. Or at least we thought they did. 

The first batch spread out and turned out oval in shape instead of circles.  They had flat tops instead of nice little round ones. They were NOT like the pictures AT ALL!

Mummy wondered if she had left the oven door open too long when she put in the tray. The oven rack was just above center and we had read we needed to use the center shelf so she had to move it before she could put in the tray. So second batch she was real quick.

They were a little bit better but not by much.

They tasted good though. They just did not look good. 

But we frosted them anyway and Daddy took them to work to give to his friends.

They liked them …

But we had some thinking to do!

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