A comparative work?

We mentioned Rose Levy Beranbaum, author of The Cake Bible, in an earlier post. Anyone looking for a copy of that book should be aware that it was recently republished in 2009 to update ingredients so you need to make sure you read the latest version.

When asked about Red Velvet cake back in 2006, Rose dismissed it as being  an ordinary layer cake with “a bottle of red food coloring added”.  She later retracted that view and published her own recipe in Rose’s Heavenly Cakeswhich ironically does use 1 bottle of red food coloring. 

Luckily Brooklyn Library stocks her books and so we were able to get a copy of the book sent to our local Bay Ridge Branch. (I just love getting books put on hold. It is such a great service.)   Her recipe is vastly different to our chosen one and so we plan to compare the two recipes as part of our work.

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