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A day in the life of a cupcake …

Making Buttermilk

We made our own buttermilk because we could not find wholemilk buttermilk

Making Butter

We decided to make our own butter just to see what it tasted like

Testing Leavening Agents

We decided to see what happens when you wet a leavening agent

Red Velvet Cup Cakes Attempt #1

This was our first attempt where we made the huge mistake of using Cultured Light Buttermilk

Red Velvet Cup Cakes Attempt #3

Final attempt using the creaming method

Red Velvet Cup Cakes a la Rose

Here we used the combination method from the Rose Red Velvet Cake recipe.

Red Velvet Cup Cakes One Bowl

Here we used the one bowl method described by the with a twist of our own.

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