Not So Perfect Red Velvet Cup Cakes – Attempt #1

Today we bought all the ingredients for our Red Velvet Cup Cakes and mixed them like the recipe said. 

Dry Ingredients


We sifted the dry ingredients together.

Wet Ingredients

We mixed the wet ones together.


We creamed the butter and sugar.

And added the eggs and then mixed it all together.


I did a taste test

While Mummy filled the cupcakes.

We were very very careful.

But our first batch of cupcakes came out all sunken. 


When we checked them early on they seemed to be rising.  But in the end they all sank in the middle.

So we just put the second batch of batter into a cake pan and watched it from the minute we put it in the oven.  It sank then rose then sank.

Turns out we bought Cultured LIGHT buttermilk!

See the full photo gallery.

So now we are off to find Cultured ‘full milk” buttermilk …

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  1. We did not use Dutch processed cocoa either. We used Hershey's Cocoa Natural Unsweetened. I don't think it made any diifference but to stick to the rules we tracked down some Dutch processed at our favorite Russian supermarket.

  2. Annushka says:

    We also used Self Raising Flour. We got some Cake Flour for our next try too.

  3. and we used the middle rack in the oven. Later we switched to the rack just above center based on the advice of my Grade 8 Home Science Notebook circa 1972 (I forbid anyone to do the Math on that one)