One Bowl Method


The one bowl produces a cake which is very moist, dense, with a fine and velvety texture.

  1. Put all dry ingredients in mixing bowl
  2. Add soft butter and a little liquid
  3. Beat together thoroughly
  4. Add eggs, flavoring, and remaining liquid and beat until mixed.

The temperature of the ingredients plus the mixing speed are very important with this method so be sure to follow your recipe’s instructions.

Compared to Creaming Method

Since the liquid is added after the butter and flour are combined, it reduces the gluten formation in the flour because the fat has had a chance to coat all the flour before the toughening action from the liquid can take place. This is why this method produces a melt-in-your-mouth cake.

Using the one bowl method does not produce a cake with as much volume as the creaming method. This is because the butter tends to melt into the batter, so it doesn’t form as many air bubbles needed for maximum volume as in the creaming method.  

Courtesy of the Joy of Baking

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