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Which method won?

Quick Answer? The One Bowl Method

Leaving Out Ingredients

It is clear that you should use all the ingredients in a recipe otherwise it won’t come out the same.

Changing Ingredients

If you substitute one ingredient for another and they don’t have quite the same composition (for example not the same amount of fat) then it won’t not come out the same.  So if you plan to do this, you might have to add something else as well to make up for what it does not have. 

Changing Steps

If you change the steps it might not come out the same but it does not mean it will come out worse.  It could come out better!

In our case it came out better.  Why is that?  I believe it is due to the “gluten factor”.  All three methods used Cake Flour.  But in the Creaming Method and the Combination Method, the flour and liquid touched each other and this would have meant a lot of gluten was made. 

In the One Bowl method, the flour is coated with butter before the liquid is added so two reactions are stopped:  the leavening agents are not activated which explains the lack of volume of the batter and the cake turns out to have a velvety even texture attributed which is due to a low gluten content.

Which method will I use in future? 

Although I love creaming butter and sugar (it tastes so “yum”), when I am making a velvet cake of any color I will use the One Bowl Method.

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